The brand consultancy journey

Conchord specialises in finding perfect partnership between music and brand using a holistic, a-to-z approach. Read more below about the various stages of our thorough process, from our initial meeting to the delivery of the event or closure of the project.

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  • Working with client on the deal memo & clarity on deliverables based on a full brief on campaign touch points. Defining category exclusivity requirements & territory/term, Identifying timeline, ensuring all forms of media are being covered and all social platforms are being utilised to their maximum capacity. Considering point of sale/brand product stockiest and events. Addressing PR usage and talent obligations with management. Being main point of call for management and client ensuring everything is running smoothly. Considering additional costs which we can ensure are outlined as included or, if not within fee – factored for; transport (Air/ground) for artist & crew, subs, styling & hair and make up costs.



  • Outreach to music rights holders and supporting on negotiating and clearing sync clearances including contracting with Master & Publisher/s. Main point of contact to negotiate with publisher/s for clearance. In some cases there may be numerous songwriters, which may need to be dealt with separately due to different publisher homes. This can prove quite a timely process, as may need to go through many different approval channels for some songs.


Meetings with the right label team to see how we can maximise the campaign track reach. By having relationships with labels we can meet with various international teams and see how the campaign could be complimented by various artist promotional plans and also see if there is a compatible single due for release that will align nicely with the campaign. This will involve meetings with marketing and international label teams and also PR and management.

  • Assistance on long form contract with artist.  Note on artist side they will be expecting a long form draft from the brand as a starting point. We have recommendations of great music lawyers should you wish to explore this!

Partnership management of campaign – to get the best results of the artist its really advisable to have a music expert as the conduit to artist, we can work with client on campaign content development whilst we can manage expectations on what the artist won’t do, most importantly we will be able to highlight where the artist will realistically agree deliver given our understanding of how the music industry works and what motivates management and labels. we can cross reference other high profile brand campaigns and use past experience to have a better understanding of what we can expect from the artist. Again, being the middle man between management and client.


  • From production tech rider to expectations on facilities for an artist of this scale. This will involve communication with the manager, live agent, tour manager and production manager in order to ensure the successful running of an event, in the lead up and on the day.