Specialising in perfect partnerships between music and brands, driving creative ideas and deliverables for global campaigns. Helping raise brand awareness and profitable marketing activity.

Development of artist and producer management. We offer our clients support on a worldwide scale with an array of experience at major labels, radio, talent booking, publishing, live and business affairs.

Specialists in creating and building stunning environments. With a wealth of experience in the events industry we have accumulated a desirable network of London’s most exciting creative contacts.

Where artist, brands and events unite through music

Conchord Management is based in London with a team in Los Angeles, representing a select number of artists, producers, events and brands worldwide, focussing on the creative, strategic and brand development of all our clients and projects.

What You Get With Us

With experience across all areas of media, events and music, we don’t just find opportunities, we actively build them. We work with clients to develop careers from the ground up, combining expertise from an extensive range of industry leaders, bridging together key relationships in music business.
We look for longevity in our relationships offering highly collaborative creative development with focused strategy and international ambition.