The Swoons

What kind of brand new band can feel like an alt.supergroup of sorts before they’ve even released their first single? What type of up-and-coming talent can already boast a handful of hits? What fast-rising outfit can, from the off, sound convincingly, winningly, like a band of equals, blessed with two great lead singers, four-way harmonies, four-strong multi-instrumentalists and four great songwriters? A band like The Swoons.

Meet Trevor Myall (vocals, piano, guitar), Matt Underwood (vocals, guitar, bass) and Tony Ann (piano, harmonies). Three prodigiously talented graduates from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Ann – dropped out before graduating. He had started posting piano covers to YouTube in March 2016. Chainsmoker covers were seen by the original artists. “The guys reached out and we became good friends online,” recalls Ann. “Then they asked me to come on tour with them as their keyboard player.”

Ann also ended up co-writing three Chainsmokers monsters: Call You Mine (their Bebe Rexha collab), Side Effects (with Emily Warren on vocals) and Sick Boy (300 million Spotify plays).

Meanwhile, Myall was making his own headlines. His song Dreaming Out Loud won the 2018 ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award for a new, socially aware composition. It was written as part of his final exam at Berklee.

The band recently flew to the UK, for a Live Nation showcase-cum-release party for ‘Conspiracy of Silence’, as well as a series of mini-song writing camps with the respected likes of Eg White, Sacha Skarbek, Jake Gosling, Jin Jin, Mark Crew and Jonathan Quarmby.